Monday, September 14, 2015

Summer Crafts

This summer, I experimented with new materials; such as Martha Stewart's Glass Paints, as well as Liquitex Acrylic Paint Markers. The glass paints are AWESOME - to make your work dishwasher safe, all you have to do is wait 21 days for the glassware to cure, or you could bake them in your oven to speed up the process. Martha Stewart's Multi Surface Paints work the same way. 

The Liquitex marker was cool for about 5 minutes. For what I used it for (the shoes below), the nib wore out very quickly. Although the nibs are replaceable, I definitely won't be buying this product again. For the same amount of money, I always have better luck with the Micron Pigma Brush for the small details that I do on shoes/ other products. I love micron pens because of the archival ink that doesn't bleed or fade over time.

Old TOMs shoes painted with Tulip Brand Soft Fabric Paint, then detailed with the Liquitex marker discussed above.

All glassware above was painted with Martha Stewart's Glass Paints & Multi Surface paints discussed earlier.

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